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Dr. Shah Pathology Endocrine Lab


Dr. Jayesh Sheth      :

Founder Director of Foundation for Research in Genetics and Endocrinology and Institute of Human Genetics in Gujarat.
Carried out PhD in Hurkisondas Hospital and Institute for Research in Reproduction (ICMR), Mumbai and Diploma in Reproductive Bology and Reproductive Medicine from Univ of Geneva, Fellow of Indian college of Mother and Child Health.

Undertook training at various international institutes like Edinburgh general Hospital-Edinburgh, Monash University-Australia, GUY hospital U.K., Erasmus university-Netherland, Unive dept of Medical genetics in Geneva, Foundation for blood research and Univ of Minniapollis, USA

Fellow of WHO for postgraduate advance course of Univ of Geneva, Fellow of UICC
Received WHO fellowship, UICC-ICRETT fellowship for training in UCB in leukemia, Erasmus univ fellowship for summer training in Endocrinology.

Has been an adviser and member of Board of studies in biotechnology at several universities like Nirma univ, Saurashtra univ, Charusat univ, MS Univ

Reviewer of scientific papers in Indian Pediatrics, Ind J Pediatrics and Ind J Med Research
Has published nearly 80 scientific papers in national and international journal
Has deliverd nearly 150 lectures at several universities and conferences

Has been a founder and life member of several professional societies like Ind Society of Human Genetics, Am society of Human Genetics, Endocrine society, USA and India, International society for study of metabolic disorders, Ind Society of fetal medicine,  and several others

His main area of interest are: Lysosomal storage disorders, Thyroid, Reproductie endocrinology, cord blood storage and clinical applications, translational Genetics

Current research projects are on mutation study of Tay sachs and Gaucher disease in India supported by ICMR

Has certain landmark research in the area of MTHFR gene polymorphism, TRH study in subbiochemical hypothyroidism, occurance of lysosomal storage disorders in India, DNA damage in diabetes type II, Role of herbal drugs in Diabetes, status of cord blood storage and transplantation in India, Prevalence of storage disorders to be 30-40% in suspected group of children in India, Screening strategy for lysosomal storage disorders in Indian children,

Has received research grant from several national agencies like CSIR, ICMR, DBT
Task force member of ICMR committee on lysosomal storage disorders

Has trained nearly 150 biotech students and has two PHD students currently working under his guidance